What if someone asked you to build a kit car, hike a local mountain range, or take over a large non-profit, what would you do? When something seems entirely impossible, I’m prone to roll my eyes or laugh. You certainly don’t mean me? You must be asking someone standing behind me. I’d never be able to accomplish that request. We can call this imposter syndrome, I heard one writer describe it as the silent killer of one’s calling.

When it comes to hearing God, do you laugh? Do you doubt God’s ability to work in your life? Do you believe His providence reserved for others? I know I’m guilty of all of these.

Sarah was certain that she would never bear a child, even though she knew God’s promise to Abraham. When she overhead God talking to Abraham affirming the promise she laughed to herself: ‘After I am worn out and my lord is old, will I have delight?” (Genesis 18:12). At the age of 90, she was certainly past her prime so I’m betting she felt it was an impossible task. I also wonder if she felt some shame and guilt about the situation with Hagar and Ishmael, doubting God would still use her. God heard her laughter and asked her, why do you laugh? She was embarrassed and denied her laughter. In this passage it seems like God is saying watch me work. Since Sarah spent most of her life without direct interaction from God, her laughter seems reasonable. But imagine her awe when she felt Isaac moving in her womb.

God knew the plan He had for Sarah even when she could not see past her current circumstance and felt she couldn’t be used by God. We can trust the plan He has for us even if it seems impossible. God works through us for His glory and wants our dependence on Him. When we question God’s intentions and callings in our lives, I hope we can remember the story of Sarah and the promise fulfilled through Isaac; even if she laughed.

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