Making me Strong

Strength is built thru struggle, consistency, and perseverance.

I have a deep desire to teach my children that the struggle of life is a gift because each struggle makes you stronger. Learning is hard work and often involves failure. As a woman who adores success (and yes I know I shouldn’t) I can tell you that failing is a big fear of mine. I hate it. Annual performance reviews are painful, I’m fearful that my executives will point out weaknesses that I can’t see, or worse press into the areas where I know I am weak. I need to have strength to become strong, and that strength has to be outside of myself because if it has to come from within me I’m doomed.

When standing at the edges of growth I look for stability and a place of peace. I examine challenges from past that feel similar, and then I sit down and try to logic thru the idea that I survived then so I can make it now. What doesn’t kill me is supposed to make me stronger, or so the song goes. But all that pales in comparison when I sit and rest in my creators design for me. I can be strong and do the things that he has provisioned me to do, knowing that’s his design.

This piece was written in response to the weekly prompt from  Five Minute Friday, if you’re not familiar with the site I encourage you to check it out. They send out and post one word writing prompts on Thursday nights. Writers are encourage to free write for 5 minutes. You’re not supposed to edit and rewrite just throw some thoughts and words on a page. As you read the above and edit with the writers eye, your grace is appreciated.

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