I’m a Jesus follower, wife, Mom x5 (1 bio, 3 blessings, and 1 floofy puppy), ultimate Marvel fan, baking maven, and I strongly feel messy buns are a requirement of life! My life is whimsy and clumsy with a side of drama, all while trying to be organized and polished!

When I’m not writing, I’m daydreaming about how to speak life into the people that I meet in real life and online. You might find me around my fire pit, cozied up on my couch reading online, immersing myself in Compel Training, or just watching some basic TV. I’m inspired by others who have a testament to the Spirit-Led life. Let’s not forget the boring stuff – from 9-5 I work with numbers in the finance department for the Federal Government.

My Prayer for the Journey

Thank you for this calling. Shape me as you would desire. Mold me into the piece of the kingdom that I need to be. Don’t let me fall into the trap of emulating others. Help my words to be honest and straight. May I pour out your words and wisdom to promote peace, calm and encouragement to the readers here. May you also ignite their hearts to join the journey and chase after your grace.